27 Aug 2014

10m GDX and more F2 and Es

M0EMM (192km) has been spotted at 1114z and 1134z from  IO82sq square, presumably tropo with some aircraft reflections. This morning I am seeing GDX, Es and F2 propagation: this is why the band is so interesting.

UPDATE 1412z:  Is this really meant to be a "poor" propagation day on 10m?  T5/T61AA (6960km) has been spotted many times since lunch. This is Ross (who was in Afghanistan) now in Mogadishu, Somalia, East Africa.

UPDATE 2035z:  Just G0LRD (25km) in recent hours. All DX, for now, has disappeared here.

10m F2 this morning and sunspots

FR1GZ (9724km) was be copied here first at 1056z this morning by 10m F2 propagation.There have beenseveral spots since and he has also spotted me.

Sunspot count today is 81 (disturbed) and 20-30MHz propagation expected to be "poor". Quite surprised to see Reunion Is in the log today, but  this 10m, a band filled with surprises every day.

There is already Es about on 10m with CT1JTQ (1843km) spotting me several times from 1024z.

26 Aug 2014

Yet more stateside and some F2 and Es

What a remarkable day on 10m WSPR! This morning plenty of spots of FR1GZ (9724km) on Reunion Is (Indian Ocean) and several USA stations coming through or spotting me, starting with KB1YMI (5156km) in FN43rl square at 1306z and later KD6RF (7526km) and ND6M (6914km). In most cases, spots were exchanged 2-ways. This is the 11th USA opening that I have caught on 10m this Es season.  I actually find it hard to believe this is really multi-hop Es. Maybe we are seeing a new sort of propagation? The (very brief) openings seem to be too regular for a form of Es.  It is getting late in the Es season now and these openings are just about daily.  Quite remarkable.

Despite the "6" call area, these "6" stations were in Texas and Tennessee. In recent years you can no longer assume "6" stations are in California for example. For non-USA stations (if not also for stations in the USA) this is a bad, backward step,  resulting in lots of confusion. The FCC does seem to be a bit short-sighted.

UPDATE 1915z:  I just noted that VE3GEN (5593km) was spotting me this afternoon at 1524z. As far as I recall, this is the first VE in the log this summer on 10m WSPR. There is still widespread Es on 10m from across Europe.

UPDATE 1935z:  I see WG2Z (5600km) was spotted at 1134z this morning. GM4SFW was also spotted today by Es. Transatlantic summertime propagation seems so common (suprisingly) that it is almost not worth reporting!

UPDATE 2120z:  VE3GEN (5593km) was logging me again at 2046z this evening.  Remarkable, albeit at - 28dB S/N (weakly) and no other transatlantic stations copied around that time. If I count unique occurrences, I think this is 13th (or is it 14th?) time this Es season that I have seen the 10m band open across the North Atlantic.

Sunspots and 10m Es

Sunspot count today is 112 (going lower and with blackouts) but 20-30MHz propagation is forecast to be "good". We should see F2 today on 10m.

Already on WSPR this morning there is 10m Es to LZ1OI (2153km) and IK1WVQ (1084km).  I suspect another decent day on the 10m band is in store.

UPDATE 0905z:  EA5CYA (1376km) now being spotted.

And again! N2OTO spotted on 10m last night

10m was open very briefly again last night transatlantic. Just single spots exchanged (each way) on WSPR with N2OTO (7088km) at around 2242z.  Local G0LRD (25km) also spotted him. This is now the 11th transatlantic 10m Es opening this summer by Es. WSPR certainly helps!

25 Aug 2014

10m - transatlantic YET again today!

This lunchtime, 10m opened to the USA yet again with K9AN (6505km) and KC2GMM (5562km) being spotted here. I think this is the 10th time I have caught a 10m stateside opening this Es season. I am sure that WSPR is helping to discover these brief openings. 

I find it amazing that 10m gets to the USA so often. If this is multi-hop Es (I think it is) similar openings are likely any summer Es season, even right in the sunspot minima.  Some even think Es gets better as we approach the minima, although I am unsure if this is true.

UPDATE 1425z:  EA5CYA (1376km) has been spotted several times since lunchtime by Es. Otherwise mainly locals G4KPX (14km) and G0LRD (25km).

UPDATE 1920z:   GM4WJA (624km) has spotted me several times this evening by Es.  OK2SAM (1283km) has been spotted on Es here at 1906z.

UPDATE 2133z:   LZ1OI (2153km) spotted at -18dB S/N on WSPR by Es at 2018z. There has been Es throughout the day, but it has been absent far more than "there". I guess this is how it is going to be now as we enter the quieter Es months.

Sunspots today and 10m this morning

Sunspot count is 128 with 20-30MHz propagation forecast to be "good". This should be another good day for 10m F2 long distance propagation. I'd expect more Es too at some time.

So far today, just locals G4KPX (14km) and G0LRD (25km) spotting me and being spotted, apart from OZ7IT at breakfast time by Es.  No sign (yet) of F2 propagation.

UPDATE 1045z:  OK2UGG (1164km) has just spotted me by Es.

UPDATE 1050z:  G0LRD tells me I missed VK3KCX at breakfast time this morning by F2.  I think Dave's antenna on 10m is better than mine.

UPDATE 1208z:  No further Es (or F2) seen here since OK2UGG at 1032z.

10m - yet more transatlantic

Very late last night, 10m yet again was open across the Atlantic to the USA.  N2OTO (7088km) was spotting my 2W at around 2312z at -16dB S/N and a little earlier WB2TQE (7097km) was copying me slightly less strongly. Although most probably multi-hop Es, it is just possible it was F2 back-scatter from near the equator. 10m has opened to the USA very many times this summer. I think I have caught 8-9 openings now, and I will have missed a few.

These are just the sort of fleeting openings that regular WSPR operation will reveal.

24 Aug 2014

10m - still being spotted in Brazil

PT2WWV is still spotting me at 2142. I suspect he will copy me even later too. This is now the 6th time he has spotted me this evening.

VLF experiments

My neurosurgeon believes I should now be driving again and so do I.   I am waiting to hear from the DLVA. It is now a year since I last drove or touched alcohol, because of my brain bleed and the op that followed it.

One of the first things I want to do is some 8.97kHz tests from the "new" QTH. I say new QTH, but we have lived there over a year now, although I was in hospital for 3.5 months. This test will involve driving to some local test  sites to see how strong (or weak) my 5W test signal from home is. The drives are quite short.