27 Nov 2015

Southgate News of $5 computer made in Wales

Southgate News has information about a new Raspberry Pi computer that is made in Wales and is just $5. I have no idea how they do it for the price.

See http://www.southgatearc.org/news/2015/november/new_raspberry_pi_zero.htm .

6m WSPR spots

It helps to connect the right antenna! I noticed I was still operating into a dummy load until lunchtime,  when I connected the V2000 vertical. I see that G8EPQ (77km) has spotted me twice on 6m WSPR. This is probably aided by aircraft, but it is just possible he gets me directly.

UPDATE 1606z:  I see that I am spotting G8EPQ too on 6m WSPR. 
6m WSPR spots this afternoon

Stroke update - NOT amateur radio

Things here seem to be on a plateau with no real improvements for months. Just after breakfast seems to be my worst time, as I am always exhausted. A short sit-down rest and I am back to normal - well normal as I can be for now. My main issues are my voice, which is still poor, liquid swallow, giddiness when on my feet and bouts of exhaustion after physical or mental exertion.

Sunspots and 10m - Fri Nov 27th 2015

Solar flux is good at 106. Sunspot number is 56 (K=2) but the official 10m propagation forecast is "poor". Don't believe it!  With many spots already from Australia and Reunion of my tiny 500mW 10m WSPR beacon, my advice is get on 10m and enjoy the band while you can.

UPDATE 1030z: All quiet on 6m here (but see later post - no antenna!).

UPDATE 1500z:  K9AN (6505km) was the first USA station to spot me on 10m WSPR today at 1418z.

CQWW CW this weekend

Usually I don't do this contest as CW is often sent at breakneck speed, but the CQWW CW contest is on this weekend. If you enjoy CW and contests, this one may be for you?

10m WSPR - very good early today

Already VK2KRR (16789km) has spotted my tiny 10m WSPR beacon 7 times today starting at 0910z on 10m WSPR.  FR1GZ (9724km) was spotting me from 0824z. Amazing conditions.

UPDATE 1230z:  No further 10m WSPR spots since VK2KRR.

26 Nov 2015

470kHz WSPR - too few TX stations

Although I have been on 470kHz WSPR most of the evening, very few stations have been spotted and only one has spotted me. It seems that most of the stations "in range" are on RX only. I think I  have copied most stations that are active on WSPR that are within western Europe. We definitely need more TX stations on 470kHz WSPR.

Nevada deal on new Lincoln 10m rig

From Steve G1KQH:

Tempting Black Friday:
73 Steve

First stateside today on 10m WSPR

VE3GEN (5593km) was the first "over the pond" spot of my little 10m WSPR beacon at 1418z. This was followed by spots from several USA stations during the afternoon. Best 10m WSPR DX spot of my beacon today was from FR1GZ (9724km) at 1440z.

No spots given or received on 6m WSPR today.


I have now gone QRT on 630m and am again active on 10m WSPR and 6m WSPR. I QSYed at about 1030z. So far, no spots on 10m or 6m. Overnight, there were no surprises on 630m (472kHz) with the same stations spotted and spotting me. Yet again, my best DX report came from DL-SWL/1 at 701km. Not bad with my 5mW ERP.