19 Sep 2009

ERP estimates on 500kHz

Just got this letter from M0BMU who has estimated my ERP on 500kHz currently .
Dear Roger, LF Group,

It is interesting to make an estimate of what G3XBM's ERP might be...

The noise level at M0BMU during relatively quiet daytime conditions I estimate to be of the order of 3uV/m in the 2.5kHz WSPR reference bandwidth. The reported SNR gets up to about -25dB, making the signal level from G3XBM about 0.18uV/m.

ERP = (Ed)^2 / 49; with E = 0.18 x 10e-6, d = 69000m , ERP is about 3uW with only "geometric spreading" propagation losses. But there is some additional reduction in field strength due to ground wave propagation losses, perhaps 3dB with "good" ground, so the ERP would then become about 6uW. Diffraction losses due to the curvature of the earth are negligible at this distance.

Obviously, this could be +/- several dB due to various uncertainties, but should be of the right order of magnitude. Plenty of potential for improvement then!

Cheers, Jim Moritz
73 de M0BMU

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