18 Sep 2009

Sixbox 6m AM .....in Japanese

A few months ago I was asked by Junichi Nakajima-san, JL1KRA, if he could translate an entry on my blog about the Sixbox 6m AM transceiver to use in a Japanese magazine dedicated to AM and its use. Of course I said yes. A few days ago he kindly sent me a copy of the magazine. Now, I can't read Japanese, so I have no idea what the article says but it is nice to see the article in Japanese. Incidentally the magazine called 6mAM shows there is a great deal of interest in AM in Japan.

Since this blog entry was written, the design of the Sixbox has moved on and the revised schematic is on the Sixbox page of my website at http://www.g3xbm.co.uk

Junichi, I do not have your email address but thank you for sending me the magazine, the information and the 50MHz crystals.

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