2 May 2010

Back on the air and 10m Es

This evening I finished repainting the bedroom shack and got all the radio gear back in place. Connecting the antennas I noticed sporadic-E on 10m this evening with a CN8 audible on SSB: the Es season's started, so I'll be looking out for some QRP DX on both 10m and 6m. As mentioned before, I'll be using WSPR on 6m when not active but in the house.


Paul M6PCZ said...

Hi Roger,

Was it CN8QY, if so just worked him, 10 mins ago !!

Roger G3XBM said...

Didn't hear the full call Paul, but good that you worked him - a nice start to the new Es season.

g4ilo said...

Crikey you're a quick worker Roger. Mind you I did more than paint my shack, I also moved everything, then found all the cables were the wrong length, wouldn't reach, I didn't have new connectors etc. It was worth it in the end though.