26 May 2010

Computer mouse problem

You must read this http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/wgtaylor/FM.pdf . It is a true account of a PC problem that really did turn out to be a mouse problem ....a real mouse inside the PC that is.

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Anonymous said...


Leaving school at sixteen I was employed
has a radio and TV appentice service engineer.
My first job was reconditioning the old dual standard
televisions, tube,,crt,chaninging etc.
I placed a dual standard tv on the repair
bench and powered it up and it started to
Smoke from the valve turret tuner.
I took the metal cover of the tuner to find it
Packed full of chewed up news paper and mouse
dropings. It was the ideal nest nice and warm
with the heat from the valves.
I cleaned it put and then watched Tom & Jerey
whir the boss was not looking.