7 May 2010

The Limerick Sudden receiver kit

The GQRP club has launched a new kit called the Limerick Sudden. This was the message from George G3RJV today on the GQRP Yahoo Group:
"Limerick Construction is an exciting new way of construction. Conceived by Rex Harper, W1REX, of Limerick Maine it offers a simple and attractive way of building equipment. Based upon the Manhattan construction method (surface mounted parts on insulated pads) it also lends itself to the production of easy to build kits.

For some months G3RJV, G3MFJ and W1REX have been looking into producing a basic receiver kit in Limerick format. The resultant project, based on the G3RJV Sudden is now available in kit form. See http://www.gqrp.com/sudden.htm . It is complete in every way ... all parts... board ...case...no coils to wind ... even a battery! We hope members will enjoy our new Club Sales offering. "

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