6 May 2010

OY1OF on 10m WSPR - Doppler shifted

OY1OF was already receiving signals from me and G3ZJO at 0724z today on 10m WSPR. His signal with me had very distinct Doppler shift on each transmission suggesting that the E layer is moving or at least is unstable. The sunspot count (unrelated to Es I think) was at a very high 77 today. I've now reduced my TX power back to 1W as 5W is probably too much. I must try WSPRing on 10m with very low mW levels soon.

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Paul M6PCZ said...

Hi Roger,

I hear this effect on voice signals sometimes, it's really wierd, you also get a lot more QSB on 10m as well, so perhaps the winds moving them clouds about ?!

73 Paul.