21 May 2010

Pedestrian Portable webpage added to site.

See http://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp/Home/portable for my thoughts and tips on portable HF SSB DXing. If you have further thoughts or tips please let me know. Also, I'd be interested to hear about results YOU have had with true handheld HF DXing.


Tjeerd, PA3GNZ said...


What's the best counterpoise for 30M? Length?

73, Gose (Tjeerd)


g4ilo said...

Very nice page and a good thing to encourage people to be doing. I'm going to be trying handheld 10 FM this summer. On SSB I tended to find some people only want to work DX not somebody weak and not very far away, and the quest for improving the signal from an FT-817 tends to lead one a bit beyond the strict definition of hand held (e.g. an MP-1 antenna.)

It's a pity some members of the public do regard someone talking into a box as a weirdo. Personally I think riding a bicycle on a mountain is a lot crazier. :)

Roger G3XBM said...

Tjeerd, I have updated the page to show how to work out counterpoise lengths. At the bottom of the page is some information from KQ6XA showing approximate lengths and some formulae. Hope this helps. For 30m try 5.6m.

Paul M6PCZ said...

I would have said for any particular frequency that a 1/4 wavelength is the requirement.

Tjeerd, PA3GNZ said...

Thanks Roger,

I was in the field today. worked a few stations on 20M with 2,5 watts from my FT817nd. See my Blog.

73, Tjeerd