2 May 2010

QRP AM TX for 12m or 10m (ON6MU)

Just spotted this little circuit on ON6MU's website: it's a small 100mW QRP AM transmitter for either 12m or 10m using a single stage modulated crystal oscillator. AM can be quite a lot of fun on 10m around 29-29.1MHz.


Paul M6PCZ said...

Hi Roger,

I didnt think AM was used much on the bands, apart from the broadcast stations on 40m !


Roger G3XBM said...

Well, it's not much used on HF (too wide) but on 10m great fun can be had working transatlantic DX on AM when the band is wide open. US stations often use old 1950s/60s AM rigs and these sound superb.

Paul M6PCZ said...

I shall listen out for some AM then seeing as the band is starting to get lively, happy days.