1 Aug 2010

DK7FC's 6th VLF kite TX experiment

Stefan DK7FC is testing his 600W VLF transmitter into a 200m high kite supported vertical today (Aug 1st). He expects to radiate about 10dB more than in his last test (on 8.97kHz) and may transmit at a slightly lower frequency today (around 6.5kHz) depending on where the antenna is best matched. You can check progress on his grabber at http://www.iup.uni-heidelberg.de/schaefer_vlf/DK7FC_VLF_Grabber2.html .  Results from his last tests were amazing with reception across Europe in DFCW600 mode (dual frequency slow CW). For a summary of the reports (screen grabs) see http://abelian.org/vlf/ss100321/.  To copy his signal you will need a decent low noise/high dynamic range receiver (E-field probe or loop with preamp and filters) at VLF feeding into a PC running a package like Spectrum Lab, Argo or Spectran using narrow 3...5 mHz FFT settings and about 1 minute per pixel running speed. You also need to know precisely where to look, so calibration will be very important.

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