28 Aug 2010

WSPRing on 137.5kHz at last

136kHz TX transverter
Having got the TX part of the 136kHz transverter going today I am, for the first time, putting out a WSPR signal on 137.5kHz. Power from the PA is around 4W and the ERP from the earth electrode antenna is around 20uW. I am hopeful that Chris G3XIZ in Biggleswade may be able to decode the signal, possibly others not too far away. In the picture the transverting bit (from the 10MHz band) is on the right and the PA in the top left with low pass filter visible using the T106-2 toroid. Note the heatsink for the IRF510 - a couple of crock clips being all I could find in the junk box!

My 20uW ERP QRSS3 signal as received by G3XIZ
This was the signal G3XIZ got today 48km away on QRSS3 from me on 137.675kHz.  It is somewhat stronger than earlier in the week, confirming the few dB extra ERP.

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