14 Dec 2010

10m transatlantic F2 propagation today

Just got a -7dB S/n report from N4AU on 10m WSPR at a distance of 6976km. I believe this is my first 10m F2 report in many years. Not a bad report for 5W as it suggests the signal would have been copyable with about 25mW.


M0JEK said...

Hello Roger,

Nice going!
What antenna were you using for this?
The "homebase 10"?


André, M0JEK

Roger G3XBM said...

Andre, yes of course a Homebase 10 halo.

M0JEK said...

Ahh, should have guessed :-)

I liked it when I saw your PW article, but I never got round to making one ... yet.

73 André

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hi Roger, that's a strong signal for WSPR. Seemss to be propagation is going up sometimes on 10m. 73, Bas