10 Dec 2010

How far is possible with earth mode on the Dreamer's Band?

A further observation from the test today: with 17dB above the noise signals at 5.1km using QRSS3 there is plenty of (theoretical) range still to be had with utilities assisted earth mode and just 5W.

Assuming 18dB loss every time distance is doubled (an inverse cubed attenuation rate for induction/conduction - is this right?) then almost 10km should be just possible, assuming the utilities that are aiding propagation are still there in the ground. Going from QRSS3 to QRSS30 should give another 8-10dB (see http://www.qsl.net/on7yd/136narro.htm#QRSS). Increase power from 5W to 100W gains another 13dB, so QRSS30 and 100W could give a range of some 20km by utilities assisted earth mode in favourable locations.

So, in some locations using the utilities buried in the ground all around us could offer some quite decent ranges with an earth electrode "antenna" at the TX end that requires minimal matching and no large loading coils, just a step-up transformer.

What is less clear to me is what exactly is the signal being carried along? Water pipes (often these are plastic now), overhead mains cables, gas pipes (usually non-metallic), phone lines, rivers even?

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