12 Dec 2010

VLF very long carrier period tests Dec 15th

This Wednesday, Dec 15th, I will run tests on 8.7608kHz with very long continuous TX periods of several hours interspersed with gaps of 0.5 to 1 hour. Transmissions will start at 0900GMT and finish at 2300GMT. I will reveal the TX pattern after the test so the test is done "blind".

I'd be most grateful if suitably equipped stations could look for any possible signs of the signal, even though I shall only be using the 20m spaced earth electrodes and 5W as used for my local earthmode tests. Those able to screw the bandwidths right down may just be able to detect something, although I think it is unlikely at any great distance.

Carrier "on" periods of 30mins or more

Good luck to anyone having a go.

Roger G3XBM


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