9 Mar 2011

10m WSPR DX today

28MHz WSPR reports today

Whilst doing other work I left the 10m WSPR beacon system running today. Some decent DX about with the best being reports from FR1GZ and the two Israeli stations.


It's Time to Live said...

The locals here in Utah, USA. are excited about 10meters. I do not have the equipment nor license to participate right now.

Roger G3XBM said...

10m is the very best HF band when the sunspots are good. All the world can be worked with a few watts and a simple antenna. If you can get on the band now is the time as the next 3-4 years should be good.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Roger, some very nice spots on 10m. I recently missed 10m conditions and yesterday I tried again. But stupid me I left the radio on FM. When I discovered that late afternoon, I immidiatly put the set on DIGI and was spotted with my 1W by AF4ID just before the propagation was over. This morning I give it a try again....and I've been spotted by VK5ZK already. Very promising. 73, Bas