18 Mar 2011

Emergency radio kit

The terrible Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis has reminded us all that modern 1st world technology cannot always be relied upon. The UK Foreign Office and the BBC have webpages suggesting essential items as an emergency "grab bag" to have ready in such circumstances. One of the attractions of simple QRP gear is its ability to work when nothing else may, for example using a small battery or solar cells with a compact CW rig that can be taken anywhere with a throw-out HF antenna. In the event of a sudden and unexpected disaster, would you and I be able to communicate still?


Julian said...

I was interested that the suggestion included a wind-up radio. Batteries can expire and solar power isn't much help at night. A QRP transceiver powered by a wind-up generator would be an interesting project.

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello Roger and Julian,

I think a wind-up powersource is very practical. I would not use CW. It is great for a contest but using a microphone is much easier.
Wonderfull idea "the grabbag"
I wonder how many QSO's you can make on a peanut butter sandwich.

73, Bert PA1B