13 Mar 2011

The end fed halfwave antenna (EFHW)

Steve G0KYA has a nice pdf document he's created describing how to make simple end fed half wave antennas (EFHQ). These band specific antennas can be very effective and simple when mounted either vertically or horizontally. They can be made with PVC covered wire, fishing poles or aluminium rod. See http://www.infotechcomms.net/downloads/Endfed_halfwave_dipoles.pdf.  Many years ago we experimented with these on VHF handhelds and achieved results some 6dB better than with a standard 1/4 wave whip, but on 2m they were on the long side! On HF they are capable of low angle radiation good for DX.

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Anonymous said...

why not make J-pole and throw out the lossy ferrite transformer? Or better, make the 1/2 wave EFHW 5/8 and get even lower radiation angles! Works an absolute treat!
Hugh G6AIG