18 Mar 2011

GPS cannot always be relied upon

As if to remind us of the vulnerability of modern technology yet again:
The MoD has informed OFCOM of the following GPS jamming exercise

Dates: 19 – 26 May 2011.
Times: limited periods between 0700z 19 May to 100z 2 May 2011. 

Location:  The ground based radar jamming events will take place in the SW approaches against the remote radar head at Portreath 21-22 May, undertaken by F-18 Growler aircraft. Additionally there will be radar jamming against deployed targets in South West Wales throughout the period 19-26 May. Communications and airborne radar jamming will take place throughout the same period on the East Coast with aircraft operating within the North Sea Military Danger Areas. Communications and maritime unit radar jamming will take place in the SW approaches and Bristol Channel. Falcon aircraft will operate from Sea Level to FL240 unless jamming AEW aircraft where they may operate above FL245.

Note: Safety of life operations will take precedence over exercise activities at all times.

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