14 Mar 2011

New Sub-9kHz Amateur Radio website

For some time I've wanted to tidy up the pages on my website that dealt with the various aspects of VLF amateur radio below 9kHz. So, today I've launched a new site entitled Sub 9kHz Amateur Radio bringing together my information more accessibly. The original pages just grew and grew as activity at VLF just took off. It is almost 1 year to the day since DK7FC made his first historic DX on 8.97kHz. Since then we've come a VERY long way!

The new site has a table showing the VLF DX records. This is not fully populated or correct yet, so I need everyone's help to get this up to date in the next couple of days please. If you are aware of errors or omissions please let me know right away.

Another addition - to be much expanded - is a page on TX stations and their equipment. Please let me have photos, schematics of antennas, transmitters, loading coils etc.  Another page deals with the kit needed to receive on the Dreamer's Band. It is easy stuff that can be built by anyone. Also a page linking the various software packages available freely. Yet another page lists the VLF grabbers (incomplete still - tell me of others!) which are such a vital resource. 

Also included on the page is more data on earth mode (through the ground) communication which is a very accessible way of starting out on VLF as much of the kit is re-usable for experiments with radiated VLF tests (same loops, probes and pre-amps can be used).

Please let me have constructive feedback so I can make this as good as possible. I hope you enjoy the site.

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