21 Apr 2011

28MHz getting too easy?

For the first time in several weeks I put my WSPR beacon on 10m this morning. Without any effort, the 5W and the halo got reports from the Middle East and Australia. With the solar flux regularly above 100 now, I'm finding that 10m has moved into its "easy" phase when worldwide DX is becoming easy.  Also, with the Es season just days away now, the European activity will be plentiful and WSPR reports from Europe with microwatts certainly probable.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Absolutely Roger, I see you've already been heard in 18 DXCC on 10. 10m is certainly better as last year.
Next challenge 12m ??? I noticed there are not many active on WSPR on 12. Time to stir it up a little...
73, Bas

John Desmond, EI7GL said...

Hi Roger...did you get any WSPR spots on the more difficult northerly paths on 10m to say Japan or California/NW USA/Mid-West USA?

Roger G3XBM said...

Hi John

Not yet, although I've hardly tried - just put the beacon running for a few hours in the mornings.

6m WSPR could be very interesting, especially if some of the USA stations use 6m WSPR too: some fleeting Es openings may be found.

Paul M0PCZ said...

The next thing to try now that you know these paths are open is to try the 5w on SSB, when we had that massive opening to Stateside recently on 10m, 5w was more than enough, and working S.America on FM is also good fun, though that was with 100w !

Either way it's all good fun.