29 Apr 2011

QRSS3 beaconing on 137.6748kHz

My QRSS30 (slow CW) LF beacon has just been started up. I'm hoping that QRSS30 will get me reports from a bit further afield.  Any reports and screen grabs would be much appreciated. It will be on for much of the weekend unless I need the antenna for some VLF tests. The message cycle takes about 25 minutes and best results will be with Argo, Spectran or Spectrum Lab software on a PC and FFT bandwidths of around 0.1Hz.

XBM in QRSS30, pause, then G3XBM in 10wpm
Freq:           137.6748kHz
ERP:           50uW (antenna 80sq m vertical loop)
Location:    JO02dg, Burwell Cambs

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