1 May 2011

325km with 50uW ERP on 137kHz

Well, Henny PA3CPM has just sent me a new screen grab showing my signal at 1041z today on 137.676kHz in QRSS30. This time you can make out some of the CW (visible just below the continuous Loran line) and the periodicity between callsign blocks is visible confirming this is indeed my signal.  Distance is 325km (202 miles) to JO22mb square. This is the first time my 137kHz signal has got into mainland Europe. I am amazed that a really simple beacon on a tiny board into a simple wire loop in the garden can span such distances. Even more amazed that Henny could find it!


Anonymous said...

Very well done!

What antenna were you using for this?



Paul PC4T said...

A really good job! Amazing! 73 Paul

Roger G3XBM said...

Antenna is a thin wire (1mm diam) vertical loop with an area of 80sq m. My YouTube channel has a video showing this.