7 May 2011

"Enough" - a book by John Naish

May I recommend this brilliant book reflecting on the sheer stupidity of our endless striving for better and more when we already have more than enough? We have evolved into a race chasing the impossible dream that ends up with us all stressed out, depleting our resources, unhappy and unfulfilled. The author argues we need to develop a cultural sense of "enoughness" and to be happy with what we HAVE rather than always striving for more and better.

I couldn't put this book down and all the way through was saying, "yes, spot on" again and again and again. Having read the book I doubt any of us will instantly change our ways, but just maybe we will reflect on our culture and modus operandi and think a bit more carefully about what is REALLY important in our lives.

The book is not a dull, environmentalist tome. Rather it is full of humour and light-heartedness. A truly excellent read for western man in the 21st century. I suspect this book will be seen in years to come as the book that woke us up and brought us to our senses in much the way that Rachael Carson's "Silent Spring" did back in the 1960s.


ed said...

Roger, Did it make you want to go out and buy some more books, or build some more radios or antennas?

Paul PC4T said...

Hi Roger, it looks like an interesting book. I hope there will be a translation in the future. I try to count my blessings, try to be aware of all the good things life brings to me. And indeed, enough is enough. 73 Paul

Julian said...

Hmm. I'm sure the author has a point, but I can't even convince myself I have enough radios, never mind other stuff.

Michael, AA1TJ said...

FB Roger and thank you.

You've heard it said there are no luggage racks in hearses. Not so long ago I heard an older, supposedly Jewish, aphorism that says funeral shrouds don't come with pockets.

To my mind we don't own material things, but those things can, and often do, own us.

What we do own is our love, our honor and our self-respect. Everything else is rented and nothing that is truly important in life comes with a bar code.

"All my possessions for a moment of time." Elizabeth I

Best wishes, Mike

Anonymous said...

What if a man in the 10th century named Roger said, "enough with the striving for better and more, we have enough already!"; and everyone followed blindly...

Would we have saves billions of lives through the art and science of modern medicine? Would we have freedom of speech and religion? Would we be able to fly? Would we ever walk on the moon?

Do not fall spellbound by the beating drum of anti-Capitalism; lest it render us asunder.

73's, David WB4ONA

Roger G3XBM said...

David this is not an anti-capitalist book. I agree with your comments but there is something amiss with a society that depends on pointless waste to function. We need new inventions and ideas and always will, but there is a point when consumption for consumption's sake has to be questioned. Read the book and let me know what you think. BTW thanks for the comment.