14 Jul 2011

Best deals in UK for phones, TV and broadband?

Just wondering what people think is the best deal currently available for TV, phones and broadband? Currently I have TV from Sky, phone calls from Sky (£25 - broadband and free anytime package with line still with BT at around £13) and 10M broadband from Virgin Media at £18. BT have offered me "up to 20M" broadband and free anytime phones for just £9.70 a month, plus £10/month line rental. This seems a very good deal. Whatever, I surely must be able to save by getting everything from one supplier.

What package do YOU have and how much should I expect to pay to get TV, decent broadband and free anytime phone (with line rental)?

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Jon said...

Rog, good idea to try to combine your services. I can't make any specific recommendations apart from beware of ADSL compared with your current cable connection. One of your ex colleagues in Lode gets very poor reliability with ADSL, but this is probably linked to distance from the Exchange. Jon