11 Jul 2011

Near miss in Iceland

Late last week we crossed a 120m long bridge on the main Route 1 road in southern Iceland 3 times travelling to and from the small village of Vik. 24 hours later this bridge was completely destroyed when the dangerous Katla volcano had a minor eruption under the Myrdalsjoekull glacier sending melted ice and water rushing down to the sea with great force. We were so close to being on that bridge. See http://http.ruv.straumar.is/static.ruv.is/vefur/Katla_fyrir_net.wmv .

When Katla explodes seriously (it is overdue and has been stirring recently) it is likely to cause massive devastation in South Iceland and the fallout may well affect the world's weather for years (a bit like a nuclear winter) as was the case in past large eruptions. Be afraid, be very afraid...

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