30 Jul 2011

Very accurate QTH locator data

Today I found that my very accurate full QTH locator is JO02DG85VD by looking at http://no.nonsense.ee/qthmap/?qth, zooming in and reading out the 10 digit alphanumeric code. You may want to try and find yours too if you want to know distances from another station very accurately.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Very very accurate Roger. What locator should I use (or choose)? My shack is at JO33JK20KN and my antenna at JO33JK20LO. Hmmm, difference is about 10m. 73, Bas

Anonymous said...

This is excellent. I was able to
place the pointer directly on the
roof of my house. Directly on
my antenna. You can't be more
accurate than that.

MW0MJB....Mark said...

Hello Roger,
Thanks for posting this...
Good to know....73, Mark