20 Dec 2012

472kHz WSPRing (now QRT)

It is now clear that the issue of my NoV for today's date was an error, either with OFCOM or the RSGB and that there was, sadly, no intention of releasing the band earlier than Jan 1st 2013. So, I have now gone QRT on the band again until the new year. I question why an NoV should be needed at all: why not just release the new band in the UK to all full licence holders and save the time wasting and paperwork chasing!

In the few hours of operation with my antenna very wet and lossy, so the ERP was around 10-20mW only at best, results achieved were very promising.
472kHz WSPR TX results today (10-20mW ERP)
Reports of my WSPR signal were received from 4 countries with the best DX being from Germany and the far NW of Eire.

I'm now back on 500kHz WSPR for the rest of the evening.

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