5 Mar 2013

Revised UK Frequency Allocation Chart

From the OFCOM email newsletter today:
UK Frequency Allocation Table

Ofcom has published a revised UK Frequency Allocation Table. This details how various frequency bands are used in the UK, and which bodies are responsible for planning and managing them – including frequencies assigned to individual users or installations at particular locations. It also shows the internationally agreed spectrum allocations of the International Telecommunication Union. 
The table shows frequencies below 8.3kHz are unallocated in the UK but there are some footnotes in the ITU frequency allocation table that require administrations to ensure no harmful interference to services above 9kHz and to notify other administrations about research below 9kHz.

My understanding is therefore that below 8.3kHz the UK administration "does not care" what happens as long as interference to allocated services is avoided. This is my interpretation and not a legal statement.

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