16 Apr 2013

Going loopy on 10m

Prototype 10m TX loop using 6mm copper pipe
Today I've made a small TX loop for 28MHz CW/WSPR using an odd piece of 6mm copper pipe I had around the place. As I don't want to move the frequency much and the maximum power out will be 5W (usually far less) I have used a small length of twin core mains cable, trimmed to resonance, as the capacitor to resonate the antenna. The loop is matched to 50 ohms with a small coupling loop made out of RG58 coax. Bandwidth is quite sharp suggesting the loop is working as expected.  At the time of writing (early evening)  I've only copied one signal EK6RSC at 3586km earlier in the day and am still awaiting some reports on TX. The loop is mounted on a PVC pipe taped to the back of a chair in the shack.

If successful, the idea will be to put this up in the loft at the new bungalow and use it with WISPY and a small dedicated netbook PC to run 10m WSPR.


Unknown said...

Excellent Roger. I love mag loops. At 28mhz it will be quite efficient as well.

VE3WDM said...

Hello Roger, very nice job and the magnetic loop antennas are great for small places. I was not as adventurous as you....I chose to order a magnetic loop antenna. I am going to use it for my portable op's as well see how it does on my second floor in the house.

Myles said...

I use 7 Magloops on WSPR. Myles VK6ZRY