7 May 2013

10m WSPR

My 10m WSPR system has been running most of the day with powers between 500mW and 2W. The only reports were from 4X1RF at 3519km. Best DX station copied here was DU1MGA at 10710km.

One of the reasons I like WSPR is that you can do other things at the same time whilst checking on how propagation is changing.  I am really looking forward to running WSPR in the quiet sunspot years on 10m and expect far more openings that might be found by calling CQ on CW or SSB with 5W.


Julian Moss said...

I got spotted by 4X1RF too, but I had to increase power to 20W to get spots. That's the difference being a few degrees further north makes, I guess.

Julian, G4ILO

Anonymous said...

about From here (near Paris), 4x1RF seems to hear me really well with only 5mW