15 May 2013

28MHz BitX SSB transceiver

The very popular BitX SSB transceiver is, to my knowledge, available in kit form (from QRP kits) for both 20 and 17m, but I haven't seen versions for other HF bands.

What would be really nice would be a version for the 10m band where 6-8W would be enough to work the world when the band is open. The IRF510s would need to be changed to a Mitsubishi power FET such as the RD16HHF1.

Does anyone know if a 10m BITX has been done or if a kit is available for this band?


chrismcc said...

G6LBQ Dx kits are working towards a multiband kit, see this thread:
73 Chris G3XVL

Graham said...

In case you have not found it yet, the web site for dxkits is:


There was version of the G6LBQ PCB being sold by the maker of the Bitx 20 PCB on eBay. This may or may not still be available. There is also the Bingo SSB generator by a French chap that is also available as a PCB on eBay.

I have one of the G6LBQ multiband PCB's which I intend to finish up just for use with WSPR, QRSS etc.

The G6LBQ multiband does not have to be built for multiple bands and is just as easily built for one.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the bands (so far covered) result from the choice of "practical" VFO and crystal filter frequencies.


... Andrew

Anonymous said...

I have successfully designed and built a 28MHz version of the BITX transceiver. The main reason for this project was to drive homebrew transverters for 6, 4 and 2Metres. Contact me if you would like details.