14 May 2013

472kHz in the USA - when?

Anyone know what the problem is in the USA (with the FCC I assume) that is holding up the release of the 472-479kHz band to amateurs in that country? It rather makes the USA look like a backward 3rd world failed state, incapable of passing what should be a simple piece of legislation! I am sure that many in the USA are waiting with bated breath for the release of this fascinating new band that most of us have been able to enjoy for some months now.

Come on FCC - are you a mice or men?


Anonymous said...

Roger...it is the same situation here in Canada...all approved but yet to be implemented! At one time I had heard that the US Coast Guard is still eyeing these frequencies for future use...DGPS? Navtex? ...who knows exactly but I wish they would get on with it both here and in the U.S.

Steve / VE7SL

Paul Stoetzer said...

Don't hold your breath. The FCC just issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking back in December adding the 137 kHz band from WRC-07. Comments were due on 2/25/13. Reply comments were due on 3/27/13. The Commission has not yet issued the final regulations.

The ARRL did petition for rulemaking on the 472 kHz band, but that hasn't been acted on by the Commission yet.


Paul, N8HM

g4fre said...

The fcc has to get the allocation before they can assign it to Amateurs.

from US 600m reflector

"While it's never really spoken about, in the US, it's the NTIA (the Govt.) that has ultimate ownership of all spectrum and the NTIA is the body that sub-allocates portions of the spectrum to the FCC."

The military definitely dont go to FCC for their spectrum!