9 May 2013

To Argentina on 10m WSPR today

The 2W WSPR beacon was copied several times today in Argentina (LU8EX, 11208km) and by CX2ABP (11127km) a few days ago. 4X1RF seems to copy me most days. 10m seems to open mainly on the N-S paths although I did spot a DU station (Philippines) a few days ago.

This evening I have fired up the 472kHz WSPR kit into the earth electrodes. PA3ABK is coming through despite my high local noise level and 6 stations so far are copying my 1mW ERP signal. PA3ABK is the best DX report of my signal so far at 306km but the beacon has only been on for an hour so far.


Rodolfo Tizzi said...

Nice conditions on 10mb! I hope to spotting you more times! 73 from Montevideo de CX2ABP

Roger G3XBM said...

Thank you Rodolpho. Hope to work you soon. Maybe JT9-1 mode.