2 Jun 2013

4m/6m SSB/CW transceiver from Noble Radio

This was news to me, but I just spotted a new, European made, high spec 20W SSB/CW 4m/6m transceiver from a company called Noble Radio on the 4m website at www.70mhz.org. To my eyes this is an ugly beast which resembles an old PMR radio, but what a good idea for a new VHF transceiver. Certainly in Europe a 6m/4m transceiver has some attraction for those interested in the lower VHF spectrum, if the price is sensible.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a 4 band (10, 6, 4 and 2m) all-mode rig from Japan or China too sometime soon. There would be a market.

Does anyone know who Noble Radio is and in which country they are located? I have no idea about price or availability.  Perhaps this is a "test the interest" concept model, rather like the Tokyo Hi-Power QRP radio of a few years ago. This was shown at a ham fair but never made it to market.


Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

I have had a look around and according to the Southgate News web site the projected price is around $800.

Yes a projected price of around eight hundred dollars.

Seems to be just a little bit expensive especially for what is a transceiver with a less than impressive specification.

The manufacturer also claims to be American but seems to have a EU email as the only contact detail on its web site, which is a little strange.

Hopefully more information will be forthcoming in time but at the projected price I rather think that sales are likely to be pretty poor, especially if the Chinese get involved in producing something similar.


Kevin G6UCY

Anonymous said...

Try contacting Rob PE9PE, he is behind that project.