14 Jun 2013

Finningley optical transceiver progress

In the last couple of days, armed with my wife's close-up reading glasses, a magnifying glass, tweezers and a fine tipped soldering iron, I have been doing the SMA build of G4HJW's "Finningley" optical transceiver kit, designed to be used with 100mm optics (drain pipe and Poundland lenses!).
The G4HJW designed optical transceiver
Bernie's instructions were first class with all the SMA parts for the receiver and the transmitter being organised sequentially with a clear layout diagram showing where each part has to be placed. It seems to have gone together very well with no snags, although I have still to add a few discrete parts including the LED and the PIN photodiode before testing can start. All being well, I should be able to start testing on Sunday as I am tied up with our church fete tomorrow.


xlsage said...

Hi Roger,

I am working towards having some nano wave kit for the winter months 2013 at earliest.
I am based in Earls Colne and I have a identified some non-LOS sites that might be workable to locations near to you.

My plan is to use 850nm to reduce the issue of attracting unwelcome and unecessary attention.

I will get in touch at a later date when I have some viable kit.

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for this information OM and good luck with getting the kit together.