2 Jun 2013

FT817 replacement

Unless anyone has better data, there is still no news from Yaesu on the development of a replacement to the FT817. The most recent information I have is this (extract) from a posting on the FT817 Yahoo group 15 months ago by KE6ZGP. If development has started I would have expected some leaks by now. The FT817 remains a great QRP radio, but even a partial upgrade (adding internal ATU, speech processor, LiIon battery and maybe 4m) but keeping the same basic case/form factor would be welcomed. Such a kaizen development need not take that long.

"Not sure how many of you were watching the W5KUB Dayton stream this morning, but...

Tom interviewed the Yaesu rep about their new FT-DX3000 and the FT-1D, when all was said and done he started taking questions, I went ahead and asked about a possible replacement for the FT-817. The rep then stated - due to some parts (like the LCD screen) either being no longer available or extremely hard to find, they will likely replace the FT-817 in a couple years. He wasn't sure when exactly, R&D hasn't started onanything, but the earliest we can expect to hear any solid talk is two years from now.

Bryan Herbert - KE6ZGP"

Any better news anyone?


9M2PJU said...

yes, they should replace ft817 with a better qrp transceivers. a 10watts, internal tuner and also better battery

aa7ee said...

I think it's a little odd that they wouldn't want to continue building on the success of the FT817.

Even if it is still selling well, this is not a good time for Yaesu to sit back on their laurels with this rig, IMHO.

If only they were a little more transparent with their plans, like Elecraft.


Roger G3XBM said...

Totally agree Dave. It completely puzzles me why they've not attempted even a most basic facelift and added a few "easy" new features. There is a worldwide market just gagging for it. It would probably out-sell every other Yaesu radio. Why can't their marketing team "get it"?

Graham said...

Maybe they do "get it" and are quietly and patiently working on the next best thing; waiting for just the right time to reveal it to the world!.

We can only wonder and hope.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

Dave said...

Perhaps something will be said at Dayton 2014.

Dave said...

Maybe we will see something at Dayton 2014!

Dave, AA6RE

Anonymous said...

I wrote Yaesu asking them to marry the best features of the FT-817 and the Yaesu Vertex VX-1210. Keep the frequency coverage or make it better for the FT-817 then add the internal autotuner, a good capacity battery pack, and a know on the front that lets you go from 1 watt to 20 watts fully variable and every time you turn the power knob the display shows that power level for a few seconds just like my Elecraft K3 dos