3 Jun 2013

iPhone and iPod Touch

My iPod Touch 4g battery, not easily replaceable, is now suffering from low capacity after being used daily for over 2.5 years quite intensively.

Of all the technology kit I have owned over the years, my iPod Touch 4g must rank as the very best. It gets used to surf the net over wi-fi, to communicate with our children and grandchildren when on holiday as well as for BBC iPlayer, music, videos, games, amateur radio applications and much more. Mine is the 8GB version but I see Amazon is now selling the 16GB 4th generation version for just £129, which is a bargain. I am sorely tempted to replace my aged unit.

For amateur radio apps that run on the iOS kit like iPhones and iPods, see http://www.g0hwc.com/iphone.html.


VE3WDM said...

I have the same troubles with my Iphone battery. For sure they are not easy to change. I have looked up on the net on how to do it, they have kits with the tools and battery to do the job.....and from the YouTube videos it sure is a job to do it.

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