10 Jun 2013

The Low Power SPRATbook.

Today, my new paper logbook (yes I still use a paper logbook!) and a new book arrived from the RSGB. The book was the Low Power SPRATbook, recently published by the RSGB and edited by Steve Telenius-Lowe 9M6DXX. As I want to de-clutter and possibly clear the book shelves of my old paper SPRAT copies (I still have them on DVD), this book was ideal as it contains a very good selection of the best of SPRAT articles from 1974-2012. If you have not read SPRAT and seen the excellent articles each quarter, then I recommend this book. I challenge you to buy it and not be inspired to build something.

Perhaps I should also mention that my 14 component 80m CW transceiver is one of the articles. But don't let that put you off! The circuit works well and G3XIZ worked GM with his version (despite running only about 18mW) and was copied on Switzerland.

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Steve Wigg said...

Again I enjoyed this book, even though I too have all the Sprats on DVD and paper versions. If you are into building stuff this is the one to get because there is something in there for all Amateurs, and of course the designs are proven and work!

Well compiled and a must for any Ham.

73 G1KQH