27 Jun 2013

Ultimate 2 QRSS beacon TX

The Ultimate2 QRSS kit
The latest edition of SPRAT, mine arrived yesterday, reminded me that G0XAR and G0UPL have produced a very nice QRP beacon transmitter for weak signal modes including QRSS and WSPR. This unit can run stand-alone without tying up a PC to generate the WSPR message, although a GPS module is needed to get the WSPR time sync. The beacon will work on all HF bands with a suitable low pass filter and do other modes like QRSS too. There is even a version that can do WSPR and QRSS in alternative time slots.

See http://www.hanssummers.com/ultimate2.html . At just £17.50 this is a great value kit for those interested in weak signal beaconing.

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Hajo Dezelski said...

It is better for long term transmitting - stability of the trx frequency, but you can run this wonderful beacon also without a GPS unit. The timing will be computed and at last for me is stable for several hours.

72 de Hajo