27 Jun 2013

WSPR on an Android or iOS tablet?

A version of WSPR that would run on my iPod Touch 4g or even a version that would run on an Android platform would be a very desirable app. Although there is at least one app for WSPR, this is just a way of looking at the on-line database and not a version of the actual WSPR beaconing software.

I asked this before (back in March), but does anyone know if such a WSPR beaconing app is likely soon, if ever?  Not being a software guru, I've no idea how difficult this would be, but can see a lot of demand for such an app.


Peter Marks said...

Hi Roger,

I wrote the "wspr watch" app for iOS that provides a simple way to monitor spots and of course I'd love to see an actual WSPR app for a phone or tablet but it's quite a big task.

WSPR is a mix of python, C and Fortran and would be difficult to port. The attraction of having a client for a mobile, I guess is that an old device could be dedicated to being a client but I wonder if it might be better to target a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone for dedicated use?

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Would it be possible to write an app for iOS or Android that produces the WSPR audio tones that can drive a SSB transmitter.

Another way of using say an iPhone to produce the audio tones that I read on the web is by playing a wav sample using the music player. The wav sample is recorded in Audacity from the WSPR software.
The wav sample is edited so that if it's made exactly 10 minutes long by inserting silence, it then can be looped so it would transmit once every 10 minutes.
One problem would be if there was a delay caused by the music player but this could be compensated for by taking the delay off the sample silence.

Also a wav sample would have to be made for different power levels.

Is it only receiving WSPR that uses the mix of programming languages?

The WSPR audio output on Hanssummers WSPR Beacon is generated using the ATMega microcontroller, so may be to produce the WSPR audio tones it takes comparatively less processing power.
Although using this method you can only transmit, you could use the WSPR watch app for your reception reports.

I hope this makes sense.

Best wishes,



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