8 Jun 2013

Yaesu price drop

In this month's Practical Wireless , received today, I notice that some of the UK dealers have reduced the price of the Yaesu FT-450D and the FT-950 radios. The FT817ND is still around £534, i.e. no drop (yet). At last, we are beginning to see some of the exchange rate savings being passed on to customers. Thank you dealers. Please may we have even more savings? The exchange rate has moved FAR more in our favour than the price changes would suggest.

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Steve Wigg said...

The FT-950 I guess is reduced to sell off stock, because it is due to be replaced with the FT-1200.

The next generation of rigs, always cost more that the last, so maybe a game of smoke a mirrors? I don't think we are seeing much of a discount yet, but you never know what may happen as trading gets worse through the economic climate?

73 Steve