22 Aug 2014

10m, 6m, 630m (472kHz ) WSPR

Overnight, I was on 472kHz but spots (given and received) were from people I'd seen before. No new reports/reporters. After a very brief pause on 6m (just G4IKZ spotting me at 18km) I have now settled on 10m for the day. EA5CYA (1376km) was spotted at 0940z and 0954z by Es. Otherwise quiet so far.

Sunspot count today is 128 (decent) and 20-30MHz propagation is "good".  I think today it is likely we'll see F2 propagation on 10m WSPR today as long as there are WSPR stations active in the right places.
UPDATE 1035z: EA5CYA still there on 10m Es.

UPDATE 1206z : The 10m Es opening is now quite widespread with several different central and eastern European countries in evidence.

UPDATE 1256z:  The 10m Es opening seems to be towards Scandinavia now with spots from SM67464 and LB9YE.

UPDATE 1315z:   OZ7IT and I are exchanging 10m WSPR spots.

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