14 Aug 2014

10m Es - good (until storms stopped play)

There was plentiful 10m Es about this morning, until I had to disconnect everything at 1205z because of very close storms. Spotting me were OZ7IT and CT1JTQ and I was spotting EA6GF and EA5CYA. Es has been present since (at least)  0850z when I first turned 10m WSPR on.

At the moment (1215z) the storms are only a few miles away - hence going QRT (for now).

UPDATE 1450z:  Storms have move on now.  EA6GF (1428km) is being spotted many times here at decent strengths this afternoon on 10m WSPR.

UPDATE 1511z:  EA5CYA (1376km) now being spotted on 10m WSPR. Thunder is still being heard, but distantly. I shall have to keep checking how close any nasty storms come.

UPDATE 1540z:  Thunder and lightning again very local, so all systems disconnected again for safety.

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