23 Aug 2014

10m F2 again this evening

Recent 10m WSPR spots
Right on schedule PT2WWV (8873km) was spotted 4 times (already) after tea today on 10m WSPR (1904-1928z).  I think this is pure F2, but there is an outside chance it is Es and F2 combined (first hop Es then F2) as EA5CYA was also putting in an appearance by Es on 10m WSPR. Conditions on 10m have been good N-S of late.

UPDATE 1945z: PT2WWV again spotted. Plenty of 10m Es too.

UPDATE 2020z: PT2WWV has been spotted 9 times already by 2012z.

UPDATE 2115z: PT2WWV has been spotted 14 times so far this evening here and he has spotted my 2W already 3 times. I am afraid that 630m (472kHz) has been abandoned for a few nights whilst 10m is so good. 10m WSPR will be left running during the night.

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