24 Aug 2014

10m - my favourite band of all

There is something very special about the 28MHz (10m) band. It is hard to put my finger on why I enjoy 10m so much - probably it is the great variety of propagation - but it is, for most of the sunspot cycle, more fascinating than any other HF band. April-September 10m seems to support Es and there is a second Es peak at Christmas/January.  F2, especially over N-S paths seems to be present right to the sunspot minima. GDX (inter-G DX) seems to be possible by tropo or aircraft reflection at almost any time to at least 200km. Of course it is useful for local QSOs too. In all, it is a great band to be enjoyed all year around and at any time in the sunspot cycle.  In the quieter years it behaves more like a VHF band but not completely so with F2 still possible. Es seems to enliven the band for quite a bit of the year too. Another bonus is that antennas are small.   Please, never give up on this splendid band.

UPDATE 2100z: There is still 10m Es and 10m F2 propagation.  PT2WWV (8873km) has recently spotted my 2W WSPR (2050z) at a very strong -9dB S/N.

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