25 Aug 2014

10m - transatlantic YET again today!

This lunchtime, 10m opened to the USA yet again with K9AN (6505km) and KC2GMM (5562km) being spotted here. I think this is the 10th time I have caught a 10m stateside opening this Es season. I am sure that WSPR is helping to discover these brief openings. 

I find it amazing that 10m gets to the USA so often. If this is multi-hop Es (I think it is) similar openings are likely any summer Es season, even right in the sunspot minima.  Some even think Es gets better as we approach the minima, although I am unsure if this is true.

UPDATE 1425z:  EA5CYA (1376km) has been spotted several times since lunchtime by Es. Otherwise mainly locals G4KPX (14km) and G0LRD (25km).

UPDATE 1920z:   GM4WJA (624km) has spotted me several times this evening by Es.  OK2SAM (1283km) has been spotted on Es here at 1906z.

UPDATE 2133z:   LZ1OI (2153km) spotted at -18dB S/N on WSPR by Es at 2018z. There has been Es throughout the day, but it has been absent far more than "there". I guess this is how it is going to be now as we enter the quieter Es months.


David (G0LRD) said...

Interesting! I didn't hear either of those NA stations, but did hear KZ8C (which you didn't) at around the same time. Also, I haven't heard the EA station you've been spotting today.

I wonder, do you think this is down to just antenna differences, or are propagation 'windows' really that localised?

Roger G3XBM said...

Hard to tell David. Es can be VERY selective. My antenna seems to do well in the USA direction. It maybe is somewhat directional?

Paul Stam said...

Remarkable, I didn't hear almost nothing on 10m wspr. Only by 2 Dutch stations reported, and I received 1 Italian station.