8 Aug 2014

472kHz antennas and results overnight

The Par antenna (strapped feeders) seems to be somewhat better than the 2m/70cm feeder as an antenna on 472kHz.  I have now received 472kHz WSPR spots from 8 unique stations so far.  The Par seems to be directional as reports from GM4SLV (although plentiful overnight) seem no stronger.
Unique 472kHz WSPR spots so far
Tonight,  I shall load up the feeders to my V2000 6/2/70cm vertical and 2m halo on 472kHz as these are my highest antennas and compare results with previous antennas. Best 472kHz DX spot this summer is still from GM4SLV (896km) up in the Shetland Is.. I suspect the Par will be the best antenna though. Really I should make a dedicated 472kHz vertical but my health does not allow me to do this currently, so compromise antennas are the order of the day!

UPDATE 1102z:   GM4SLV was spotting me at 0948z this morning. This daylight!

UPDATE 1107z:  I am very surprised not to have been spotted outside the British Isles so far on 472kHz.  I have copied PA, DL and F so far here as well as UK stations.

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