15 Aug 2014

472kHz - more reporters

Last evening and overnight, I let 472kHz WSPR run and was rewarded by being spotted by 2 new reporters for this summer. G7NKS (who has spotted me in earlier seasons) reported me last evening and G7MRV (192km) spotted me during the night. For G7MRV it was his first venture onto the band. He was copying Germans at 1141km, an impressive range. This now brings the number of unique spotters of my QRPp signal this summer up to 12. I really do believe my ERP is just under 5mW. There are plenty more stations in range that should be able to spot me.
472kHz - unique WSPR spots to date

1 comment:

Martin G7MRV said...

It was interesting Roger, seems a very intruiging band to play with.

If I can, i'll rig another random long wire for the FRG-100 to free up the main antenna, and let it run again overnight tonight. I still have it running now, still some odd spots coming through