16 Aug 2014

472kHz update and QSY to 10m

I QSYed up to 28MHz (10m) mid-morning. Overnight on 472kHz, the same reporters were spotting me, so still just 13 unique station reports on the band this summer so far. 13 is also the number of unique stations I have spotted, although in several cases I am spotting some different stations who maybe don't monitor the band with a low noise floor RX system?

On 10m WSPR SI9AM (1503km) is being spotted by Es and G4KPX (14km) is a local. These are mid-morning.

Sunspot count today is 119 with 20-30MHz propagation "excellent". As long as there are WSPR stations active in the right places, I'd expect to see some F2 propagation. FR1, ZS and LU are on 10m WSPR, so I'd expect to see these in the logs later. Being 10m though, you can never be quite sure! To my mind, there are two "magic bands" - 10m and 6m.

UPDATE 1016z: In the last few minutes LA3ZA (1051km) is being spotted here. Is this opening just towards Scandinavia?

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