18 Aug 2014

472kHz WSPR this afternoon

After an afternoon monitoring JT9-1 on 10m this afternoon, I have returned to 472kHz WSPR.  To my surprise, at the time I switched on I find I am the only station in the world transmitting on 472kHz WSPR.  Hopefully, this will soon change. G0LRD has already spotted me though.

UPDATE 1605z: Still the only station TXing WSPR on the band but there are now 9 stations monitoring (was 7).

UPDATE 1611z:   Still just me on TX and now only 3 stations monitoring.
UPDATE 1636z:   Just spots from G0LRD so far.

UPDATE 1655z: All spots so far from G0LRD (25km) and I am still the only European TXing on 472kHz at this time.  Maybe more will appear after tea when people get back from work?

UPDATE 1730z:   M0PPP has now spotted me 3 times too. Now 3 Europeans on WSPR TX with 16 stations active (TX and monitoring).


David (G0LRD) said...

Hi Roger,
Apart from periods when I'm operating on HF, I'm trying to keep two of the more interesting bands on receive-only WSPR all of the time: 2m and 630m.

The current status of my WSPR stations can be seen here:


David G0LRD

David (G0LRD) said...

Addendum: I'm wondering whether 6m would be a more useful/educational choice instead of 2m for an always-on receive station? At the moment I have to go and drum-up 2m activity on the WSPR front page.

Roger G3XBM said...

There appear to be two frequencies in use on 2m and a LOT of people have drift issues on 2m. Personally, I think 6m is a better "always on" choice.

David (G0LRD) said...

Yes, there has been much debate about the 2m frequency. In Europe, 144.492MHz is the norm (despite what the band-plans say), while everywhere else is 3kHz lower. I think I'll stick with 2m for a few more days (been getting a few spots each day) then switch to 6m.